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Video & Production

Video is proven to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales. As your video marketing agency, we’ll work with you to craft a custom video strategy that showcases your team, services, products and/or facility. Your video begins by brainstorming what elements are needed to deliver a final video that will engage your audience. Pre-production meetings will determine who will be in the video, who has a speaking role, what content needs to be covered, if props or staging is needed, what attire is appropriate, where to shoot the video for best lighting and sound quality.

Once we have these details then a shot list is developed that details out timeslots for each scene and who is to be in that segment. If needed a storyboard is laid out to ensure all of our visions are on the same page. On-site shooting will consist of viewing the area determined to be the best location for the video and if staging was determined to be needed, we set things up so everything is perfect. Lighting is placed and microphones are set up and tested. Teleprompters are also used so those with speaking roles can provide their message smoothly and without hesitation or forgetting some key information.

Video production can then begin once all videos are shot. We meticulously review every shot for the best quality and develop the flow so every talking point is covered from our initial brainstorming session. If background music is needed it will be added to enhance videos with little or no speaking parts. Introduction slides can also be added to give titles for each video, keeping in mind that its description tells a user exactly what they are about to watch and it also aids in SEO (search engine optimization).

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