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Graphic Design

Talented graphic designers are a part of my team and can provide you with a new look or maintain one you already are using. It all starts with a good idea and my background in advertising design plays a part in my role as the advertising director.  I develop a concept for each and every project to ensure it aligns with the vision of what my clients have discussed with me.

My graphic designers live and breathe design, typography, color theory, and composition. They’re responsible for creating stunning visuals for both print and digital media. They work closely with me to translate marketing and brand strategies into comps that render beautifully in any form of media.

Their Skills and Responsibilities include:

  • Possessing an expert understanding of multimedia design and experience building files for both print and digital
  • They have demonstrated hands-on skills in the latest Adobe Creative Suite
  • Have the ability to manage multiple projects and remain flexible through multiple revisions while keeping a keen attention to detail

No matter what your needs, we’ll work with you to obtain the look and feel that represents your brand.