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Direct Mail

Capabilities include: designing, printing and mailing any size direct mail piece your business needs. From standard postcards of any size, folded self-mailers, invitations in announcement envelopes, business letters in envelopes, multi-page newsletters, over-sized mailers, parcels, flats, catalogs, multi-folded brochures, variable data printing for personalization, matched or no match mailings that insert into an envelope, and much more. We can offer mailing services for local or national mailings and provide the best postage discounts available.

We are postal experts and knowledgeable on USPS regulations for all sizes and classes of mail. In addition, we understand the printing process and how to maximize every inch of the paper. Many agencies out there will design an odd size piece that costs their clients double what it should, not only to print but in postage costs too, just because they have no idea what size paper is running through a printing press or what postal regulations should be followed. Whether its offset printing or digital, we get it. Every dollar of our clients budget is maximized and nothing is designed that doesn’t meet postal regulations.

In addition, we are also a mailing list broker and have the expertise to dial in a highly targeted mailing list. We study your geographical region to determine demographics of every zip code and where to find the customers that match your target. Your in-house mailing list can be analyzed extensively to find “look-alike” people and a list can be developed in that manner, maximizing the opportunity to grow a new customer base.

There are hundreds of ways to target based on demographics, geographical areas, home values, age, income, education, profession, length of residence, homeowner, charity responder, behaviors, likes/dislikes, what car they drive and more. Our experience takes years to develop and locating lists that are highly accurate and reliable. There are a lot of mailing list companies out there that spit out bad data and your response is only as good as the mailing list. Don’t trust this task to just anyone. There is a science to making a direct mail piece a success and we have the know-how.

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