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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most under-utilized, low cost marketing tools that keeps you in touch with your current customers. A strategy must be developed first then a schedule put in place. Email marketing design and basic practices are crucial to promote engagement and have good open rates. This requires skill and someone who will execute and maintain a regular schedule. Our services include a robust email marketing program and utilizing every tool in the bag to engage your customers.

If your business is just starting out to gather emails from your customers, we can help build your list immediately. As a mailing list broker, we also can provide matched emails to a mailing file and develop a multi media campaign with a direct mail piece and launch emails before, during and after your customers receive a piece. Adding emails to a new purchased mail file offers the benefits of all the targeting criteria to reach a qualified new prospect.

If you have a in-house mailing list but emails are incomplete, we can also do what is called “append” emails to the file which is we match an email address based on a mailing address and name. If that customer has more than one email, we can get all emails associated with that address. It’s a powerful tool to build your email marketing and we have seen great success with building your base this way.

Constant Contact has recognized us as having successfully leveraged online marketing tools that engage your customer base, and have driven success for many organizations. Chatterbox Multi Media’s results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s international customer base. We know what it takes to make email marketing successful.

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