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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more that just making a post on Facebook or Twitter. There are specific rules or strategies that every business should be using to develop their posts in order to make this media work to your advantage.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also tied in to social media. If your business does not have a Facebook page or one that is not maintained, it can and will directly affect your search ranking for your website. The same goes for YouTube, Google+ pages, Pinterest, Snap Chat and Twitter and let’s not forget a blog page.

Today, Google search results are tied into your social media. It’s a requirement these days if you are concerned about gaining more visitors to your website. So what can we do to bring this marketing piece into your mix? Our team is highly skilled at increasing your Facebook fan base and gaining more likes. It all starts with developing a strategy…and that means looking at what areas of your business you want to grow. Then we set out to develop a plan that meets those objectives. Randomly posting gibberish that doesn’t mean anything to your audience is like trying to sell an Eskimo ice.

Our team will review your goals, develop a strategy and follow through with it monthly.  I’ll say that again…FOLLOW THROUGH with it monthly. Every business thinks they can have one of their employees manage social media. The problem with that is, it’s not their main job so it get pushed down and starts falling through the cracks.  Then it just becomes a pain in the behind and they post anything to get it off their plate, if anything at all. This is not good business for you or your employees. Treat it like you would for a TV campaign or direct mail piece. Hire a professional, like Chatterbox Multi Media to maintain it and do it right.

We have the resources and know how to develop sweepstakes, drive people to sign up for an event, drive people to your website, tie in social with email marketing and multi media campaigns. Then, we follow up with the analytics to review the results. That’s the key, is knowing what results are good and not so good, did it meet expectations or not. Then we determine what enhancements are needed and continually analyze results and do it each and every time.

Social media has the capabilities of being targeted to a very specific audience, down to buying habits, household demos, what car a person drives, do they have kids or not, where they live by zip code or city, are they investors, vegans, interested in cancer or diabetes prevention…  and thousands of other really cool targeting selectors. We know how to find your next customer and deliver a message that gets attention or drive traffic to your website. Leave it to us!