About Us

Thanks for visiting Chatterbox Multi Media to get more information on everything our full-service ad agency can offer your business.

I’ve spent years in sales, marketing and advertising to know how frustrating it is when you, as a business owner, just need someone who “gets it” and has great ideas as well as executing the plan.  You’re faced with working with a multitude of sales reps, all clambering for your advertising budget with one goal… to sell you their products.  I decided to make a change and an impact on the businesses I wanted to work with.  My desire to do the right thing and not be confined by any one company, lead me to starting my own advertising agency.

Through my experiences and just being the type of person I am, I work tirelessly to develop ideas and strategies that work.  I’m not tied to any one form of media or have to answer to anyone other than you.  I evaluate your needs and make the best recommendations based on your budget and the results needed.  I’m not satisfied with just good enough.  Nothing I do is slapped together and thrown out there.  I research ideas, what has been successful from my 30 years of being in marketing and work with my designers to achieve eye catching, successful campaigns.

My business model has been to form lasting partnerships, becoming a part of your staff and giving 110%.  I evaluate and learn your business and in most cases already having first-hand experience with your business category. I can jump right in and conclude how to develop a marketing message that sets you apart from the competition.  Businesses typically higher me on a 12 month agreement so that I can maintain their goals, execute the plans we develop, keep budgets intact and continue to evaluate every result, every design and every dollar spent to ensure optimization and success.

That’s why my slogan is “YOUR MARKETING DIRECTOR ON DEMAND”.

I’m not a big, high priced agency, but a hard working individual with a track record of success and repeat clients year after year. I go above and beyond expectations and provide value by managing every detail of every project, thereby relieving you of these burdens.

Nobody succeeded with just a great idea. You have to be able to execute it and make it happen. That’s where the hard work begins and attention to every detail. Taking that idea and molding into a great message that resonates with your audience and graphic design that stands out from the competition. Execution is critical and meeting deadlines. There are no mistakes…and I can honestly say this with pride.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and resources with your team.

Kim Boyd, President