Media Buying + Planning

Print, TV, Radio, Billboards, Online – After a marketing strategy is in place, those buys will be executed according to the plan. Over 30 years experience in negotiating and understanding every medium, our job is to provide premium placement at the lowest possible rate.

As your Media buyer, we negotiate, purchase, execute and monitor advertising space, printing and airtime on behalf of our clients.  We aim to reach the highest number of people in the target audience at the lowest possible cost.

 Expertise in all media, including:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • posters/billboards
  • digial
  • television
  • social media
  • direct mail

The role as a media buyer is also combined with media planning. This job entails:

  • identifying the target audience for a particular media campaign and deciding how best to communicate to that audience
  • keeping up to date with industry research figures, including distribution figures (newspapers and magazines) and audience figures (television and radio)
  • monitoring buying strategies
  • liaising and building relationships with  media sales companies
  • negotiating with media sales companies to obtain the best rates and most appropriate media spaces in online, broadcast and print advertising
  • communicating with media sales people to adjust media schedules in response to audience figures
  • booking individual advertising spots, e.g. pages, posters, internet banners, broadcast adverts, etc;
  • ensuring that the adverts run accurately so the desired media message is seen and heard by consumers
  • client reporting and budget management, including preparing costings for clients and producing spending updates throughout the campaign
  • collecting and analyzing sales and consumer data
  • undertaking research using a wide range of specialist media resources
  • analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign and using this data to inform future campaigns

As your media buyer, it’s our goal to pay for ourselves by negotiating the lowest rates possible, thereby saving our clients valuable dollars that they would not have earned on their own.

Last thought-  A message in a bottle can drift aimlessly or it follows the current and hits land, exactly where it was meant to go. The finder of this message then acts on it, if it’s compelling enough.  The expertise we bring to the table is making sure that message is received by your best audience and excites a response.

Media Buy

Media Buy

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