Media Buy

Retirement Sale-

Chatterbox Multi Media, a full-service media buying agency, was brought in on this project to coordinate the entire multi media buy. The media buy consisted of developing the budget and media plan that included: TV schedule, newspaper ads, direct mail, multiple radio stations, email blasts, and billboards.   Graphic design and press releases were also overseen.  Premium positions were coordinated and placement was key in the success of the sale.  Every detail was executed with precision for a sale that ran for three months.

We worked closely with the owners as well as a consultant, and evaluated each media effectiveness weekly to ensure all dollars were being spent where the highest response was driving the sales. This follow up and constant monitoring is a key strength of Chatterbox that most agencies do not possess. Multiple weekly print ads were placed and the radio spots changed weekly over a 13 week period. Voice over talent was brought in to record the changes weekly.

Direct mail consisted of letters inserted in envelopes and postcards which also changed multiple times in each month and timeliness of the in-home delivery was crucial to the sale effectiveness. This campaign had to be developed and approved within 10 days which required many late nights of planning to coordinate such a large buy in a short time. Our relationship with all media was critical and negotiating rates that maximized the clients budget.

The end result was a very successful ad campaign that reached weekly goals. Every dollar was maximized for effectiveness.


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