Website- Microsite

This is my most recent web design (Oct.2016) launching a micro-site that is focused on this clients Memory Care services and amenities. The home page was developed to be the main landing page, offering concise details on one page. Fortunate for me, the client allows me complete freedom to design what I felt was necessary and matched their brand. I wanted the slide show to have a graceful, almost peaceful transition between images and I think it was achieved with the slow dissolve of squares.

As you scroll down to their five signature programs, I incorporated the tab design that lists each with a brief description. This maintains a clean, easy to navigate feature. The photo gallery showcases beautiful photography of the community, of which most photos my photographer was brought in to capture. The interactive buttons allow for sorting only images you want to see or view them all.

Blogs were written to fill with relevant content. Videos and download material are also provided to round out the start of a robust resource center. It will be a work in progress and continuation to build on these helpful resources.

Visit the site for the full experience.


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