Plastic Postcard Mailings

Chatterbox Multi Media’s capabilities include variable plastic postcards for loyalty/rewards as well as a highly specialized program we have developed for birthday mailings. Reach qualified prospects with EYE CATCHING birthday cards and on average a 200% increase in response! These birthday mailings have been going strong for over 10 years! They have been successful with many senior retirement communities across the country as well as local and retail businesses. This program offers a turn-key solution and many benefits including low cost per piece and all services are included in one competitive price. Mailing lists are developed to reach the clients primary target audience. As a mailing list broker, Chatterbox is able to provide highly accurate lists at reasonable costs, as well as hundreds of targeting capabilities to really drill down to the best prospects. We are a trusted expert in developing lists for senior communities.

These projects also included analyzing each local market’s demographics by zip code and determining the best areas that offer a higher percentage of senior adults or key prospects.  Demos also need to meet income requirements.  Plastic postcards continue to provide a higher rate of return than any other type of postcard mailing.  A key factor is driving in qualified leads and after providing this mailing to many different businesses in different states, small and large cities… it continues to be highly successful.

These projects include: graphic design, proofing, purchasing new birthday mailing lists monthly*, variable printing, addressing, drop shipping to each local post office and postage costs.  Please contact us for a quote and to learn more about all the size options available.

FOR A LIMITED TIME- Receive a FREE MAILING LIST with your first three mailings, up to 1200 names.

*mailing lists are rented and one-time use, unless further marketing projects are contracted. Contact us to discuss your needs.


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