Email Marketing Success!

Email marketing is a very successful tool to use for staying in touch with your current customers if you are a retail business or residents and their family members for senior communities. Developing a strategy and consistent calendar are key. I recommend no more than two emails a week, however typically I stick to one. This example of an email was directed to a list specifically interested in memory care services. That list was created by leads from their website, prospects who have toured and some matching. It’s crucial to gather emails from every avenue possible. My typical open rates are in the high 20-30% which far exceeds the industry standard of 7-10%. Content is relevant, short and to the point with pleasing graphics. We include several links to blogs, download materials or responding to an invitation.

Developing an enticing subject line is key to your email being opened and we typically test multiple versions to compare results. These graphics matched a direct mail piece and an insert in the local paper to brand the messaging further.

Please contact us to review your email marketing opportunities and how we can partner with your business and develop a successful campaign.

email marketing example2

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