Digital Display Adwords Campaign

Online targeting and delivery of a display campaign can be done with precise targeting to reach your desired audience. There are numerous ways to set up a digital campaign and our team has the expertise to execute a successful campaign. If your goal is to reach people that are in-market and geographically located to your business as well as have interests in your services, that can be done  with ease. But drilling down further offers even more opportunities to expose your brand to ideal prospects. Google Adwords offers many targeting options and a strategy needs to be developed along with pleasing graphic design with a strong call-to-action. A campaign for a senior community for instance can reach people who have displayed interests in Alzheimer’s disease, assisted living,  long term care and more. Targeting by specific websites, content, topics, behavioral or remarketing are ways to set up a campaign where you want your ads to show.

The graphic design must be enticing and speak to your audience. Several ad sizes need to be created in order to maximize placement. There should be a headline and call to action button. Where you link your ads is also important for the user. If you take them to a landing page that is not relevant, then you just lost a prospect and paid for a click.

Contact us to learn more. We can help you set a realistic budget, develop engaging graphics and execute a campaign.


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