Billboard Design and Placement

Placing a billboard on a freeway or highly traveled street should meet several requirements before you enter into a buy. One main detail is if your prospective customers actually travel in that area and will see it.  Billboards are a fairly expensive media buy, so any business should consider consulting us for these services before entering into a lengthy and binding contract.

This type of media is primarily used as a branding tool to get your business name in front of a lot of people. But is it the best and most cost effective? There is no really good way to track results, unless you ask every customer specifically if they have seen it. Even then, you can’t be sure. That’s why it’s important for us to analyze your budget and where the best buys should be made. Billboards serve many businesses very well. And our graphic designers are trained to maximize the space for the biggest impact.  Graphic design is tricky and I can’t tell you how may billboards I’ve seen that the billboard companies themselves designed, where you cannot read anything on it. You all have seen them.

Extensions, such as the one in this project, can make a statement as well. We negotiate rates, production costs and contract details to ensure you are receiving the best rates and not entering into an agreement you might not be able to fulfill. Work with us to develop an impactful design, that can be easily read and makes a statement for your business.


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