Russell Holtz

Executive Director, Retired - Lincoln Park Manor


I recently retired from Lincoln Park Manor as Executive Director. Prior to retiring, I worked with Kim Boyd for over six years with our marketing efforts. Kim developed and presented new ideas for our monthly meetings and always had something planned. She quickly grasped who we needed to target and formed a strategy that stayed consistent through the years. The marketing covered Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Rehabilitation. The mailing lists she developed branded us to an audience of professionals as well as the public and some fairly high level targeting capabilities. The graphic design was very nicely done. She executed every detail with ease, making the task of marketing extremely easy and seamless.

She handled everything from budget planning for the year, execution, SEO, graphic design, media buying, direct mail, email marketing, analytics, website design & development that included maintenance and content writing. She offers extensive services and created a unique electronic flipbook for our Medicare Handbook. She developed a thorough understanding of our healthcare rules and regulations. I even discovered she has a talent for taking an empty assisted-living room and styling it for a photo shoot.  She turned it into a beautiful, comfortable environment which we maintained as our model. I would highly recommend her to any business.  She is very honest, trustworthy and goes the extra mile.